Preventative Maintenance Services in Chino Valley, AZ

Heating and cooling units must perform up to the homeowner’s expectations to keep the property at a comfortable temperature all year long. Each year, property owners set up routine maintenance to correct issues. Technicians complete all of these services based on the instructions in the product warranty, and the HVAC system will operate longer and have fewer breakdowns. A well-maintained heater or air conditioner lasts for years longer.

Seasonal Cleaning Services 

Between seasons, HVAC professionals complete seasonal cleaning to remove all the debris from inside the air conditioner’s interior and exterior. Dirt, leaves, and other debris could affect airflow negatively. The comprehensive cleaning services address all substances that are trapped in the product or stuck on components, and the HVAC technicians use cleaning chemicals to give the HVAC product a fresh start. This is a major part of preventative maintenance and improves system operations.

Inspecting Moving Parts

Moving parts inside the air conditioner, such as the fan motor, must have proper lubrication to function properly, and technicians inspect the moving parts following the warranty’s maintenance instructions. Without proper lubrication, the parts could become damaged. The service provider applies an adequate amount of lubricant to all moving parts and tests the components to see if any parts bind when the system is operational. These inspections are an important part of preventative maintenance in Chino Valley, AZ.

Testing for Gas Leaks

Heaters use either gas or electricity, and the systems that require gas must be tested regularly for gas leaks. Air conditioners could also leak refrigerants and require repairs. The HVAC products must be inspected for these leaks, and technicians complete services to eliminate leaks and restore function. Heater gas leaks originate within the gas connections or the gas utility lines. On the other hand, air conditioners leak refrigerants and won’t generate cool air, and until the leak is fixed and refrigerant levels are restored, the air conditioners don’t perform as expected. Gas leak inspections are a part of professional preventative maintenance services in Chino Valley.

Checking for Proper Drainage

The condensate drain in the air conditioner is responsible for draining water out of the HVAC unit, and if the drain becomes clogged, moisture builds up in the air conditioner. Moisture and dampness cause mold and mildew in the entire unit. If the clog is not corrected quickly, mold spreads not just throughout the air conditioner but the fungus can spread to the walls, floors, and ceilings in the home. Mold is a common cause of serious respiratory illnesses.

Testing the Thermostat for Issues

Programmable thermostats are a better choice for replacing old and malfunctioning components, and the owner gets more control over their heater and air conditioner. The technicians test the thermostat during maintenance services. If the thermostat is faulty, the component causes short cycling where the heater or air conditioner engages irregularly, and homeowners see increased energy costs.

Changing Air Filters

Dirty air filters contribute to common heating and cooling issues, and if the filters aren’t cleaned or replaced regularly, a blockage forms in the heater or air conditioner. The air filters should also be the correct size for the unit. HVAC technicians recommend a variety of air filters that are beneficial for the HVAC products so the property owners are able to maintain a comfortable home all year long.

Where to Get HVAC Services 

At Balanced Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we provide comprehensive heating and cooling services for all property owners in our service area. Our technicians are trained to perform services such as repairs, inspections, maintenance, and new installations. We guarantee all our services and provide warranties for all new installations. To learn more about our services, set up an appointment now. Heaters or air conditioners control the interior temperatures of area homes, and if the HVAC units are malfunctioning, the property owners could become uncomfortable. Preventative maintenance steps are the best way to lower risks to the heater or air conditioner. HVAC technicians complete a variety of services to improve function, and seasonal cleaning is among these tasks.

HVAC professionals offer sound advice about air conditioners and heaters to help reduce breakdowns and other issues. Gas leaks, improper lubrication, and faulty thermostats are common HVAC problems. Completing routine maintenance according to the warranty instructions maintains the heater or air conditioner properly, and the owner won’t lose any warranty coverage.

All HVAC warranties require a professional to complete these tasks. Checking the condensate drain, changing air filters, and testing for leaking refrigerants are common tasks that help improve the systems, and the HVAC professionals do their part to keep homeowners comfortable throughout the year.